Are you looking for Affordable Seattle Advertising?



All of our advertising revenue is donated directly to the Kids to Coach Foundation.

Want more traffic on your site, but you don’t have that big advertising budget? Then you’re at the right place. Starting at only $5 you can start your campaign on AffordableSeattle.INFO!!!

AffordableSeattle.INFO gets an average of 500 unique visitors per DAY, all seeking affordable Seattle area events, specials, and deals. The traffic is rising every month, and we have no intentions of slowing!

Ad Types:

(see more info on each below)

  • SideBar Square Banners
  • Feature Page
  • Main Page Feature
  • Twitter Shout Out
  • Mailing List Advertisement

SideBar Square Banner

This banner will display on the main page, and every posting on the Affordable Seattle website. It will display on the right sidebar, along with our links to our Mailing List and Twitter. Prices vary depending on the size and location you would like your banner placed in, but begin at only $30/month. All prices are for 30 full days of advertising.

Feature Page

Have a unique page dedicated to you. Your Affordable Seattle page will be FULLY CUSTOMIZABLE according to our hosting site’s restrictions. You can include unlimited information, pictures, and other features on your very own page. Your page will be viewable from the AffordableSeattle.INFO navigation bar(s) at all times. No matter where on the Affordable Seattle site someone may click, they can see a link to your feature. This item also includes a “feature” shoutout on our Twitter page (@affordseattle) and our mailing list. We have only TWO OPENEINGS per month, to assure your feature gets the recognition it deserves.
Main Page Feature
If you want your event, restaurant, special, coupon, store, or any other item featured on the main content page of our site, then this is something for you. Your content will be placed on our main page with a link to your content. Rates vary, but begin at only $30/month! With lots of other sites taking content from AffordableSeattle.INFO, your content is sure to spread through the net at a very high pace, and achieve a huge audience!

Twitter Shout Out
Want to be twitted about to all of our Affordable Seattle Twitter Subscribers and viewers?

Mailing List Advertisement
Want a customized announcement sent by e-mail to our full list of E-mail subscribers? Your customized e-mail advertisement sent to our mailing list. This mailing must first be viewed and approved by our staff, and rates may vary depending on the nature of your e-mail. Special offers specific to Affordable Seattle

Meetup.com/Affordable Seattle Collaboration

Want to get people to attend your event? Affordable Seattle is an assistant organizer on 3 Meetup.com groups that have THOUSANDS of members and hold regular events with hundreds of attendees. If you would like to have an event posted on all of these meetup.com groups, please contact us for additional information and pricing.

Note that we don’t accept:
* Porn sites
* Sites with excessive advertising


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  1. Hi,

    My name is Jon Usry and I work with Belo Corporation which owns and operates network-affiliated broadcast television stations and websites across the US including KING5 in Seattle, WA. We are in the process of launching an exciting new program in the Seattle market that could introduce new revenue streams and brand awareness for your website. To learn more – please respond with your email address and I will be happy to send you more information about the program.

    Best Regards,


  2. I a minute ago sent this post to a few of my colegue as I go along with nearly all of what you are posting here and the way you�ve mentioned it is awesome. I also write from time to time on this stuff. In fact, here�s an expert from my most recent web article�
    The above described process is, in fact, one of the benefits of joining an affiliate program because it is easy to do. As previously mentioned, most affiliate programs require an approval. Often times, the approval process is only used to make sure that your website looks professional and does not contain any inappropriate content.

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