West Seattle Harvest Festival


Harvest Festival Map 2013

We’re doing it again folks! We’re closing the streets this fall for the second annual West Seattle Junction Harvest Festival. Our weekly Farmers Market will take on the streets on Sunday, October 27th from 10am to 2pm. Over 40 farmers will be sharing their goods at the peak of harvest, while families can come in their Halloween costumes and do a little trick-or-treat. Halloween doesn’t have to be just candy, we can also enjoy the bounty the earth has to offer.

There are fun activities for the kids which includes Kids Costume Parade led by the West Seattle High School Marching Band, Harvest Crafts brought by the community, and a mini farm from our neighborhood! All for free!

Harvest Festival Schedule:
10am-2pm: West Seattle Farmers Market
10am-2pm: Harvest Activities/Projects
11:00am: Chili Competition Begins*
11:30am: Kids Costume Parade
12pm-2pm: Trick-or-Treating

The West Seattle Harvest Festival will be right in the heart of the West Seattle Junction.


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