Eastside Science Café: “Asteroid Mining: Science Fiction or Opportunity?”

Monday, June 10, 7:00 p.m.

Wilde Rover Irish Pub
111 Central Way, Kirkland

Not just an idea out of science fiction, asteroid mining is gaining traction. New companies plan to harvest raw materials, ranging from water to precious metals, from these rocky near-Earth objects. Join Planetary Resources, Inc.’s Chris Lewicki to explore why asteroids are attractive sources of a range of raw materials and hwo this fits with the future of space exploration.

The Eastside Science Café is your opportunity to talk with researchers about science and technology research — all in the comfortable atmosphere of a local pub.

Science Cafés are free, open to all ages, and no science background is required!

For more information check out pacsci.org/ScienceCafe or KCTS8.org/ScienceCafe


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