Cardenio: A very grave love story
There will be blood! GreenStage presents Cardenio as annual "Hard Bard" production

Our summer season is behind us, autumn begins this week, and the ghoulish holiday of Halloween is just around the corner. Celebrate All Hallows Eve for an extra three weeks this year, as GreenStage presents Cardenio: The Second Maiden’s Tragedy, directed by Tony Driscoll. Our yearly Hard Bard show runs Nov. 2-17 at the Center Theatre at the Armory at Seattle Center. (It used to be called the Center House. This is more confusing!) Performances Thursday through Sunday begin at 7:30 p.m.

Scholars are still arguing whether Cardenio is a work of Shakespeare, John Fletcher, Thomas Middleton, or maybe a team of talented playwrights. Several things are certain: Blood. Brains. Zombies. Lust. Ambition. Blood. Necrophilia. Vicious satire. Penny whistles. Zombies. A bloody good time.

As with all GreenStage productions, Cardenio will be absolutely FREE! Reservations are encouraged, and donations will be joyfully accepted. We’ll have reservation info up on our website soon.

Go see a play!


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