$50 for two registrations to the Seattle Urban Beer Hunt

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$50 for two registrations to the Seattle Urban Beer Hunt

Urban Beer Hunt

Mobile service, call to schedule
(206) 467-4341


Kids love scavenger hunts. Adults do, too. Adults also love beer. The Urban Beer Hunt combines adults’ love of both and will hit the streets of Seattle on July 22nd, 2012. Teams venture out on a journey, deciphering clues, solving puzzles and seeking out the many task locations and checkpoints that await them as directed by clues received via text message on the cell phone number they pre-register with prior to the event. Teams are to document completion of each task and/or location with a team photo in order to be eligible to win, so you’ll need to bring a digital camera with internet capability. Once all the tasks are completed, it’s a race to the finish line with $1,000 cash and prizes up for grabs. Team costumes are encourages and prizes will be awarded to the two best teams in costume. Today’s deal gets your team half off entry. Each $50 voucher purchased is good for the registration of two team members. You may purchase one, two or three vouchers depending on whether your team will consist of 2, 4 or 6 players.

First Place Team: $500 CASH
Second Place Team: $100 CASH
Third Place Team: $50 CASH
4th -10 Place Teams receive prizes, too!
Best Team Costume: $50 CASH
Best Facebook Photo: $50 CASH


o Start/Finish: This event kicks of by text message at noon. Refer to the boundary map and coordinate a strategic location for your team to start from. Be ready to start receiving texts at noon.
o Distance: About 4-5 miles (run or walk… just have fun!).
o Duration: Figure about 2-3 hours, some a bit faster, some a bit slower.
o After Party/Awards/Costume Contest: 3:30PM.
o Food and drink specials will be available for purchase.

What to bring:

o Your team’s pre-registered cell phone per team.
o $5 per team member which will be needed in order to complete specific tasks.
o One digital camera per team – cell phone cameras work perfectly!
o Internet connection – smartphone or phone-a-friend standing by to help with online searches for you.

o GPS or city street map suggested.
o Team costume not required, but why not have a little fun with it?

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