Punk Rock Flea Market!

Category: Festivals & Fairs When: Saturday, June 23, 2012 12:00 pm –
10:00 pm
Add to Calendar Where:

Underground Event Center

2407 1st Ave.
Seattle, WA 98121
How: Official Website
Cost: $1.00 Submitted by:

Joshua O.
Joshua O. See all of Joshua O.’s events » What/Why:HELL YES! The outrageously great Punk Rock Flea Market returns to the Underground Events Center with a basement full of flimflam! And despite what the poseurs would have you believe, this is Seattle’s ONLY Punk Rock Flea Market! Now in our 6th glorious year!

On June 23rd, from 10am to 8pm, the Punk Rock Flea Market will restore your faith in capitalism and get you mildly drunk AT THE SAME TIME! The Underground is at 2407 1st Ave. in Belltown.

It’s an indisputable fact: the Punk Rock Flea Market has established itself as Seattle’s least predictable and best loved flea market. HOW DO WE DO IT?!? Through no-holds-barred salesmanship! We have more than 80 vendors peddling music, movies, clothing, toys, furniture, jewelry, soap, candles, computers, radios, books, belt buckles, balloon animals, bike parts, vintage porn, ceramics, roller skates, spray paint, incense, cupcakes, pickles, arts, crafts, pretty much anything you want. The name "Punk Rock Flea Market" refers to the DIY spirit of the event, not to any particular life-style or music choice. If you want it, one of our vendors probably sells it. End of story.

The summer addition of the market is our biggest event of the year, filling 30,000 square feet with trash and treasures, plus food, drink and live music. The market opens to the public at noon and is an ALL AGES event. All are welcome – kids, grandparents, the few and the proud, the elderly and infirm, artists, heathens, avatars and spirit guides. And did we mention that it’s still just ONE DOLLAR to get in?


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