Beginning of Summer Potluck Bash at Golden Garden Park

Beginning of Summer Potluck Bash at Golden Garden Park

When: Thursday, June 21, 2012 7:00 pm –
11:00 pm
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Golden Gardens Park – Off Leash Area

8498 Seaview Place NW
Seattle, WA 98127
Cost: Free Submitted by:

Keoni W.
Keoni W. See all of Keoni W.’s events » What/Why:The far left of Golden Gardens is a private beach that can be used for events.

Ships can anchor and boat in or get close and walk on the beach.

The street entrance is all the way at the end where the cars turn around.

You walk 20 yards and it opens up to a white sand beach

Hey everyone,

It’s still a little ways away, but we want to get this one on the calendar ASAP so you can all mark it on your schedules. Here’s the invite to our Official Start of Summer Bash, taking place at one of Seattle’s hidden gems – Golden Garden Park.

Come and join us to kick off another greet another summer here in our fair city! For those of you you haven’t made it out to an event yet, don’t be shy – this is the perfect occasion to make your debut 🙂

In keeping with our previous shindigs, here are some ground rules:

– Bring a dish that you prepared, something to grill, or something from the store.


-Why Thursday? Because it’s not that crowded.

-Play Frisbee, Beach Volleyball, Enjoy the Beach

-Watch a beautiful Sunset with Friends

-Bon Fire

– If you have extra plates, cups, utensils, napkins, etc please bring them.

– Coolers with ice and beverages are always welcome. Use Cups for ALCOHOL !!

– As well as a few BBQ grills. Charcoal is welcome Also!!

– Tear-down will begin around 10pm or so, any help in cleaning up would be greatly appreciated.

– Kids and pets are welcome, but please keep your furry friends under control, away from the people food.

– Friends and family are also welcome, but please ask them to bring some food or wine also.

We will have several landmarks. Look for a Flag, Kite or Shirt on a Pole,

We hope you can join us on this summer day !!


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