May 5, 11:30 – 4 pm: Annual Pierogi Fest at the Polish Cultural Center

All you can eat!


Polonez in action

This yearly festival supplies a great mixture of Polish food and culture. Food-wise, the main magnet is the All-You-Can-Pierogi event, which is a Polish dumplings extravaganza that serves several kinds of pierogi: meat, potato & cheese, sauerkraut & mushrooms, blueberries, plum etc. New this year, four food booths with other favorites from potato pancakes to bigos (hunter’s stew). Free attractions include: folk group performances, craft workshops (make your own pierogi!, or a pickle soup), movies & children activities. You can eat leisurely, listen to Polish music and have a good time. Also available: beer, wine as well as coffee, soft drinks and homemade desserts. On sale: Polish cutout art, Polish folk costumes, Boleslawiec Pottery, pierogi soap & pierogi pins!

Folk group performances by:

Polonez dance group, Vancouver, BC,

White Eagle Band, Victoria, BC,

Polish Choir Vivat Musica, Seattle

Young Polanie Youth Group, Seattle

Volunteers needed to run the event! Please help making this a fantastic event

Where: at the Polish Cultural Center – All You Can Eat event at the lower hall; tickets $16 regular, $8 children up to 11; tots up to 3 years old free; other food at different prices, all entertainment and additional programs upstairs free

More: 2012 Pierogi Fest program, 2012 volunteer opportunities


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