Solo Performance Festival #6

Theatre Off Jackson
Seattle, WA


In it’s 6th year, SPF brings you another lineup of amazing solo performers!
SPF is dedicated to presenting fearless, cutting-edge, diverse performances by solo theatre artists through storytelling, music, dance, fiction, memoirs and whatever else their voices can dream up.

The Lineup:
Click the ticket link below the title to purchase.

Shorts Nite
Tickets here!

Curated by Keira McDonald

An evening of short solo performances guaranteed to keep you entertained!

Performance date: 18 (7:30)

Miss Fanny’s Fun Box
Tickets here!

Written and performed by Kate Jaeger
Directed by Cindy Bradder
Original music by Erin Stewart

It’s the final taping of Miss Fanny’s Fun Box. After 20 years of entertaining and educating children of all age, Fun Box is being replaced by Extreme Toddler Cage Match. Join Miss Fanny as she answers the question "What’s inside my Fun Box today?"

Performance dates: April 12 (7:30), 13 (7:30), 27 (7:30), 28 (7:30)

Purple Heart
Tickets here!

Written and performed by Mike Mathieu
An underdog private detective takes on big city lawyers, small town cronyism, and his own massive faults in this comedy-mystery-drama, written and performed by Mike Mathieu (of The Cody Rivers Show).

Performance dates: April 12 (9:00), 14 (7:30), 19 (9:00), 27 (9:00)

Good Girls’ Guide: Dominatrix for Dummies
Tickets here!

Written and performed by Eleanor O’Brien

Good Girls’ Guide: Dominatrix for Dummies is Eleanor O’Brien’s solo show about training to be a dominatrix in New York City. By turns raunchy, hilarious and heartbreaking, GGG: D4D introduces an unforgettable cast of sex workers and clients. Far from a simple guide to whips and chains, there is a love story woven into the fabric of the S&M adventure. O’Brien, founder of the sex-positive theater company Dance Naked Productions, may have failed as a professional domme, but she succeeds in creating a memorable character in The Self-Help Dominatrix – because sometimes you need a spanking, and sometimes you need a hug. From tap shoes to break dance, Phil Collins to soul motion, GGG: D4D follows a deeper journey about what it means to be worshipped, and how everyone wants to be wanted.

Performance dates: April 13 (9:00), 20 (9:00), 21 (7:30), 25 (7:30), 26 (9:00)

Nick Winters
Tickets here!
Written and performed by Andy Buffelen

Directed by Amy Escobar

Sportscasting is a balls eat balls world, and co-co-anchor Nick Winters knows it’s time for a different game. Fed up with being a piñata in the mad world of sports news, Nick ditches his job for a chance to host Americas favorite game show. With his golden opportunity waiting for him in LA, Nick must flee the Mojave desert home of the Robinson’s, the subject of Nick’s latest story, who want to keep Nick exactly where he is. Join Nick Winters and the dubious people in his life in this half-pint epic about the road to stardom.

Performance dates: April 14 (9:00), 19 (7:30), 25 (9:00), 26 (7:30)

Funny Stories
Tickets here!
Written and performed by James Judd

Directed by Keira McDonald

Funny Stories is an hour of autobiographic monologues delivered in Judd’s unique, immediate style that draws the audience in to feel like they are experiencing his hilarious foibles are they are unfolding.
This new collection of stories is both "funny ha ha" and "funny strange." The centerpiece of Funny Stories involves an infamous murder case. In 2003, Dean Faiello, a construction worker posing as a dermatologist fatally injected one of his patients with Lidocaine. He then stuffed her in a suitcase and buried her in cement in his garage. After fleeing to Costa Rica, where he alleged danced as a go-go boy in a gay disco, he was caught and extradited back to the U.S., where the New York Post declared him The Killer Quack in the Concrete Coffin Case! He is now serving a 20 year sentence in Attica.
Judd was also one of Faiello’s victims, and his quasi-obsessive relationship with the fake doctor is fodder for a chilling and dramatic tale. It’s also surprisingly funny because even the most macabre story is funny when it’s told by Judd.

Performance dates: April 20 (7:30)

Cherry Manhattan Presents:
the beyond real human female! (a neo-burlesque cabaret)

Produced and curated by Cherry Manhattan

Additional performances by Lyla la Coeur and other guest stars

Neo-burlesque stars Fuchsia Foxxx, Sassy Delure, Cherry Manhattan and Jesse-Belle Jones explode all things feminine as they strut, shimmy and sizzle their way beyond the real human female. Playing with expectation, form, gender and the body politic in the true spirit of burlesque as a transgressive and transcendent space, these solo artists delve into an examination of the artist behind the image.

Performance dates: April 21 (9:30), 28 (9:30)

Minimum Age: 13
Kid Friendly: No
Dog Friendly: No
Non-Smoking: Yes!
Wheelchair Accessible: Yes!

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