Director In Attendance
Co-Presented by Longhouse Media
Free Land
(Minda Martin, 2010, USA, 62 min) Beginning with her own childhood experience of relocation, filmmaker Minda Martin traces itinerancy throughout her family history, beginning with the forced Cherokee relocation of the 1800s. With found footage, historical documents and personal interviews, Free Landbinds together questions of ancestry, home, land, culture and identity. Lauded for its powerful sound design, this memoir documentary not only tells a heart-wrenching story, but also tells its story with profound craftsmanship.

“Martin’s adventurous manipulation of complex sound work, solarized images, superimpositions and archival selections sets her work apart from other docs on the Native American experience; as terrible as her family history becomes, affected by a legacy of American subjugation of indigenous people, her telling of it is shot through with vital artistry.”— Robert Koehler, Variety

Screens with
(Longhouse Media, 2011, USA, Blu-ray, 8min) This short film is a portrait traditional hunter Glen Pinkham.

This film is part of the American Film Week series. For a full series pass click here.


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