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Saturdays & Sundays: July 30 thru August 28, 2011

NOON to 6:00 pm



Old World Crafts

Armored Knights

Admission: (cash or check please)

Adults – – $10.00 60 years & over – – $6.00

12 years & under – – $6.00 5 years & under – – free

Feast & Festival – – $45.00

Children 12 and under must be accompanied by an adult at all times

No pets – radios – flash – videos, please

Limited Smoking areas provided

The lord of Camlann invites you to attend his summer village festivals, all with theatre, knightly combat, music, crafts, archery, swordplay, minstrels, and victuals. Come to Somersetshire, ancient realm of Arthur the king, as our morning trumpet & charter proclamation open the village gates upon the colorful world of Chaucer’s England in 1376. The pace is leisurely: everything does not happen at once. The scale is small, intimate: leave behind the hectic 21st century. fanfare.jpg
Planned for this festival:

Swords-master Demonstrations Jeramy Gee

Long Bow Archery Demonstrations.

Visitors can join villagers in Freemen Training (for 12 years & older).Minstrels play all the day with music and dancing;

Crafters demonstrate and offer excellent wares

and fine goods to carry home to your manor house;

Horse rides and sheep petting for young & old.

Join in Villager Dances

Medieval Banquets: Jul 30 Aug 6, 7, 13, 14, 20, 21, 27


Festival Food: For lunch, our food stall has wholesome ploughman’s meals, pasties, and muste to drink; You may sit down at þe Bors Hede þe Bors Hede þe Bors Hede and order ale, wine or mead with a hot lunch (NOON – 3:30 pm); Enjoy our outdoor dining area. Call ahead to reserve a table for a wondrous dinner (5:00 to 7:00 pm). Saturdays & some Sundays the Summer Feast begins at 6:00 pm.


Minnesangers.jpg Concerts all day long! Performers at Camlann are skilled professional entertainers, presenting music and stories from medieval sources, using instruments and equipment of the types available before 1400, including the Lute, harp, shawm, symphonie, recorder, vielle, pipe & tabor, psaltry, and many others. You too may participate by joining hands with the village dancers.



Aug 6,7,13,20,21,27,28

Wondrous sleight of hand by Master Payne, who has been a feature a the Camlann Faire since 1982. Payne treats his audience to a highly interactive and engaging medieval experience. ‘Solid gold rings’ link and unlink at his command. Handkerchiefs change colors, and a hapless spectator may or may not survive the dreaded Ram’s Bladder Trick!

Paynes Natural Magykes


minstrels,jpg.JPG (26540 bytes) BAWDERIE & BLISSE

Roger Shell, and Diana Peterson perform original arrangements of courtly and popular songs from the middle ages, accompanied by lute, harp, recorder, tabor, bell and tambor.


This exquisite a capella vocal ensemble from Seattle performs music by Hildegard von Bingen, from the Cantiguas de Santa Maria, and other sacred and secular medieval works. Kathy Sankey incorporates occupational therapy with teaching vocal technique at her Voiceworks studio. Kiki Hood solos at University Christian Church, and sings with the Seattle Chamber Singers. Alison Hopkins works on her Early Music doctorate at the University of Washington, sings and cantors at Our Lady of Fatima. Miriam Espeseth sings also in the Northwest Chamber Chorus, and is the group’s linguistic expert.

Jacob%20Priestley.jpg JANKYN, MYSTERI PLAYER

Jacob Priestley performs medieval music and poetry from Spain to Kiev. He has been singing and telling entertaining stories for the past 20 years, and has made most of the instruments on which he performs, including the fiddle, rotta, organistrum, and clavicytherium. His performances include music from the Cantigas de Santa Maria, Ars Nova, Carmina Burana, Troubador and Trouvère music, and Middle English songs and dances.


Janet Naylor, of Eugene Oregon, resurrects traditional techniques on the wire strung harp, performing songs from Gaelic and medieval traditions. She has won national awards for composing and arranging in the Scottish tradition, and teaches harp privately and in workshops.

Shula Kleinerman CINNAMON BIRD

Shulamit Kleinerman and Ruthie Dornfeld present songs and instrumental music from the 12th to 14th centuries, performed on 2 vielles and assorted percussion. Both are professional musicians and Shula has appeared in many historical settings.


Craft presentations at Camlann are chosen to feature the kind of hand-made goods that were produced in the middle ages. Preference is given to artisans who can demonstrate the use of medieval tools and techniques.

Here you may purchase unique gifts and useful items incorporating medieval art designs, and join in ourvillage life – – you can wear or rent fine attire, shoot the longbow, and try the games of skill. sewing.jpg

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