Join DR. Tami Meraglia and Dr. Scott Moser at Vitality Medical Clinic for:

A Men’s Total Health Seminar
We often hear “I don’t feel good . . . but my doctor says I’m fine.”
Just because you bloodwork, cholesterol, heart rate and blood pressure are fine – doesn’t necessarily mean you feel your very best. These tests are designed to diagnose illnesses, diseases and conditions and do not address Total Health or Optimal Health. If you are a man over the age of 35 – your hormones are probably no longer functioning at optimal levels. If you’ve pushed yourself to the pint of exhaustion for a long time, adrenal fatigue can severely deplete your hormones. Low testosterone is a medical condition that frequently goes undiagnosed because its symptoms are so similar to other conditions. Learn the many ways that testosterone and other hormones affect your overall health, energy and Vitality how Testosterone Optimization can help you feel better and live a more vibrant, vitalized life.

Seminar Details:
July 21, 2011
At Vitality Medical Clinic
1501 Queen Anne Ave N
Seattle, WA 98109
Seating is limited, reserve your spot today!
$15 Refundable Registration Fee (which holds a seat for you)


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