Seattle International Beer Festival (SIB) is an OVER THE TOP beer festival, celebrating the world’s most legendary brewing styles and the nations that made them famous. Held outdoors in the grass of the Seattle Center Mural Amphitheater (about 100 yards west of the Space Needle), SIB lets you taste over 150 world-class beers from more than 15 countries. Cost is $25 AT GATE; advance tickets are $20 online. $5 for non-drinkers (includes free NA bevs). Ticket price includes the following goodies.

Entry includes SIB glass & 10 beer tickets

More tickets available for $1 each

All beers are 4oz. servings

Beers cost 1 to 6 tickets, depending on how much it costs SIB

Prices are NOT based on rarity.

There are dozens of 1 ticket beers. Usually over 50.


Friday July 1 12pm-10pm

Saturday July 2 12pm-10pm

Sunday July 3 12pm-9pm

Here’s how to enjoy all that beer and save a buck or more:

$20 ADVANCE PURCHASE when you buy tickets online

Volunteer at SIB and get free beer.


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