Celebrate Green Festival’s 10th Anniversary at the Seattle Green Festival, May 21st-22nd at Qwest Event Center!A project of Green America and Global Exchange, two leading nonprofit organizations dedicated to environmental and social justice for more than 27 years, Green Festival inspires and promotes the connection between change and sustainable progress for people, communities and businesses. Green Festival’s interactive marketplace and learning environment provides solutions to help make healthier lives—socially, economically and environmentally.

10 Reasons to Attend Seattle Green Festival




1. Hear and meet renowned authors, leaders, educators, activists and visionaries

Come and hear award winning journalists, NY times bestsellers, nationally acclaimed journalists and educational experts as they discuss today’s most pressing environmental and social issues and what we can do to create a more sustainable and socially just future.

2. Sing and dance through the cultures of the world.

Visit the Music, Dance and Culture room and immerse yourself in a cultural experience from your heritage or others’. Enjoy and learn about music, art, craft, dance, poetry and song from a variety of cultural perspectives.

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