Subject: Getting Excited!
Wow. Are all of you as excited as I am about the upcoming No Pants Ride or what? I just got done doing the Marty Riemer show today where we talked about all things Improv, including our upcoming event! It turned out to be an awesome show, so you should check it out. There is both an audio only podcast and a video webcast available at this link : http://www.facebook.com/l/b7159H1mStLyj_8ESv_JTE2RzNg;www.martyriemer.com/12-14-2010-marty-riemer-show-podcast/

The facebook page has a bit more information about the event, but I think most of you know what the deal is now right? Come prepared to ride the light rail, without pants. Make sure you bring a backpack or something to pack them in later- then meet up at Westlake Jan 9th, 3pm and listen for instructions on what train to get on, and when to get rid of that restrictive clothing 😛

We’re going to be meeting up at Fox Sports Grill again this year after the event to swap stories over food and/or beer. They are on 6th Ave between Pike and Pine. (1522 6th Avenue)

Funky Outfits are encouraged. And remember to get your friends to come!!!

Kelsey Wildstone
Emerald City Improv
Cell: 206-913-1140


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