The Bad Plus

December 14-15, 2010

Tune into John’s Place 6-8pm this Friday night to hear an interview w/ The Bad Plus & host John Ford! 89.3fm or streaming live via kaosradio.org or iTunes!

Live in studio at KBCS 91.3FM Tuesday Dec. 14th at 11am with John Gilbreath. Tune in!

Make a reservation for this show.

The Pacific Jazz Institute at Dimitriou’s Jazz Alley presents The Bad Plus two nights. Band members are Ethan Iverson (piano), Reid Anderson (bass), and David King (drums). Set times on Tuesday and Wednesday are at 7:30pm. Doors open at 6pm Tuesday and 5:30pm Wednesday.

“With the most distinctive sound of any three-piece outfit since Nirvana, The Bad Plus again demonstrate vitality few bands–rock, jazz, or whatever–can match.”- Amplifer

Returning to Jazz Alley by popular demand, the eclectic jazz trio known as the Bad Plus will be enlightening us with their singular aesthetic that forces even the most skeptical listener to rethink the commonly held notions of what differentiates one style of music from another. Their avante garde sound has entered them into a new era of the instrumental music movement, drawing both from the traditional and mainstream audiences.

For the past 10 years The Bad Plus has created an uncompromising body of work by shattering musical convention. Rolling Stone called their amalgam of jazz, pop, rock and avant garde “about as badass as highbrow gets,” while The New York Times said the band is “better than anyone at mixing the sensibilities of post-’60s jazz and indie rock.” Few jazz groups in recent memory have amassed such acclaim, and few have generated as much controversy while audaciously bucking musical trends.


The upcoming release NEVER STOP (9/14/2010) is the first album by The Bad Plus to consist entirely of originals. Recorded in Minnesota with a live, stripped-down sound, NEVER STOP showcases the band’’s range as well as its three distinct personalities. From gentle and melodic to fierce and abstract, from swing to 80’s techno, NEVER STOP is tied together by a group sound that embraces diversity as strength. Ten years in, The Bad Plus is here to stay.



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