What: Silent Auction
When: October 23rd
Time: 11-5 (a series of 1 hour sets TBA)

Our annual Board Game Auction is approaching. Customers bring in used games that they don’t play anymore. We auction them off in a silent auction on Oct. 23rd and all proceeds go back to the seller in store credit.

Collection dates: October 1st – 19th

Gather the games your family has out grown and drop them off in the store before the 19th. We will auction them off in a silent auction on Oct. 23rd. The collective sale total of all your items will turn into store credit so you can update your collection to match your growing interests.

Print & fill out the submission form from our website and drop off your games today. NOTE: This is a word document.

Auction date: October 23

As the games flood in, we will update an Items list on our web page for you to preview. Stop by the sale on the 23rd to check out all the unique items up for bid.

Current Items/Bid List (Updated 10/11). NOTE: This is an excel document.

NEW! Pre-Auction Phone Bids

If you can’t make it on the 23rd, you can still participate! We will take bids over the phone up to Oct 21. It’s not ideal since you might get outbid during the auction itself, but you can give it a shot.


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