Reservations are going quickly and seats are in Demand! We couldn’t be more excited about the early response to our Macbeth announcement. As a subscriber to our E-News, we know you like what we do and we’d hate for you to miss out on this once-in-a-lifetime production. Reserve your seats online now at www.greenstage.org/reservations

GreenStage presents
HARD BARD MACBETH by William Shakespeare
Directed by Ken Holmes
October 8 – 30
Thursday – Sunday at 8pm
(Right behind the Cinerama, and across the street from Top Pot Doughnuts)

RESERVATIONS RECOMMENDED! Make yours online at www.greenstage.org or call 206-748-1551

By the pricking of my thumbs, something wicked this way comes.

Ryan Spickard as Macbeth. We’re baaaaack! GreenStage presents Macbeth, a HARD BARD Halloween production in the tradition of last year’s hugely popular and over the top Titus Andronicus.
Welcome to Scotland, where weird sisters prophesize, Ladies are shady, Thanes sing in barbershop harmony, murder is afoot, and Macbeth, the new Thane of Cawdor, would be happy to talk to you about it all if he wasn’t so busy going absolutely insane.
This October, join us for an amazing thrill-ride as we take on Shakespeare’s most infamous tragedy: the bloody, spooky, and supernatural tale of Macbeth.
Macbeth Cast
Lots of familiar faces populate Scotland in this Hard Bard production. DSC_4436-37_650.jpg
CAST (In alphabetical order, *New Company Member)
Aaron Allshouse – Duncan / Siward
Meredith Armstrong – Witch 2
Patrick Bentley – Bleeding Capt. / Porter
Sarah Budge* – Witch 3
Janet Cole Hamilton* – Witch 1
Erin Day – Macduff
Tom Dewey – Malcolm
Matthew Gilbert – Angus, A Minor Thane / Lady Macduff
Julia Griffin* – Scrub Wench
Sam Hagen – Banquo / Doctor
Annie Hughes – Lennox, A Minor Thane
Mark Mcquinn – Fife
Amelia Meckler – Lady Macbeth
Marc “Mok” Moser – Ross, A Minor Thane
Helen Parson* – Donalbain / Fleance / Daughter of Macduff / Young Siward
Aaron Shay* – Mentieth, A Minor Thane
Ryan Spickard – Macbeth


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