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Seattle Public Theater Youth Education Program

Zombie Caesar
Directed by Shana Bestock
Can you ever really kill tyranny, or will it rise from the dead more powerful than before?

Caesar used to be the leader everyone wanted. But now his huge ego threatens to become maniacal. So his trusted advisors decide to kill him, inciting the citizens to riot in support of a new regime led by Caesar’s one true friend, the noble Brutus. But Caesar won’t stay fully dead – he shows up as a zombie, scaring the citizens, plaguing Brutus, and wreaking havoc. Will Brutus be able to restore peace, or will zombie-driven chaos consume the country?

Shakespeare’s classic, original text resonates with contemporary teens learning to navigate by their own ideals through a media-driven, peer pressure cooker time of life. See our youth and middle schoolers in their element!

Oct 29 7pm
Oct 30 2pm and 7pm
Oct 31 2pm

FREE to the public!

For more information go to www.seattlepublictheater.org


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