15th Annual Seattle TibetFest @ Seattle Center (August 28-29)

Special Guest Performers:

Karma LamaTenzin NgawangSand Mandala by Namgyal Monastery MonksAmaliaPTN

  • Phurbu T. Namgyal (Tibetan Pop Star based in MN)
  • Tenzin Ngawang (Member of Melong Band based in MN)
  • Minnesota’s Tibetan Traditional Dance Troupe
  • Sand Mandala By Namgyal Monastery Monks from Ithaca, NY)
  • Karma Lama (Culture Brothers based in Alaska)
  • Amalia Rubin (2007 Best International Artiste for Tibet)

Message from the TAW President:

On behalf of the Tibetan Association of Washington, I would like to welcome all to the 15th annual Tibet Fest in joint collaboration with Seattle Center.

Tibet is renowned for its majestic beauty, and also for its ongoing struggle for cultural survival. Our vibrant culture and spiritual traditions have remarkably flourished over thousands of years on the ‘roof of the world’ until 1959. The 1959 invasion of Tibet by China provoked an exodus of over 100,000 Tibetans, who fled to neighboring countries like India, Nepal and Bhutan. This diaspora and influx of Han Chinese in Tibet has threatened the continuity and development of our tradition and culture.

With great vision of H.H. the Dalai Lama and generous help from the United States government, The Tibetan United States Resettlement Project (TUSRP) was founded in 1989. H.H. the Dalai Lama deemed cultural survival possible for Tibetans in the USA and twenty one cluster sites were established in eighteen states where conditions were considered viable for the Tibetans. Seattle was one of the cluster sites chosen due to its previous establishment of Tibetan cultural sites by monks, scholars and lay people, with the assistance of already established Tibetans and American sponsors, who took it upon themselves to provide temporary homes to thirty-one Tibetans. These Tibetans slowly entered into a new world, on radically different from either Indian or Tibet. Today, we have over three hundred Tibetan families residing in the state of Washington as a result of family reunification, relocation and children born in USA.

With modern technology, the world has become a smaller place. It is essential to have awareness and understanding of today’s world and also be able to communicate one’s own culture. Similar to other cultures in the world, we cannot shun the process of modernization and this particularly makes our younger generations vulnerable. Young Tibetans with western education face this huge dilemma when there is a contradiction between Tibetan belief and modern world view. We have established an institutionalized system where knowledge of our culture is passed on more through classroom than through living experience.

Through festival such as Tibet Fest, we are able to help young Tibetans establish stronger cultural traditions within their new communities. In addition to dialects, they are able to form traditional dance troupes, play traditional music, sing Tibetan songs and recite Tibetan folk tales.

The essence of our culture values harmony and openness to other cultures. Therefore, through Tibet Fest, we strive to achieve and create better understanding and appreciation of unique Tibetan culture for our American friends.

It is our sincere wish for all to have wonderful time during the festival.


Jampa T Jorkhang

President, TAW



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