The 3rd Annual


Sunday July 11 2010 | Bastille Day Weekend

11:00am – 5:00pm

Discover, Savor & Taste Some of the Finest Chocolatiers & Confectioners in North America

Location & Tickets Bell Harbor Conference Center
2211 Alaskan Way, Pier 66
Seattle, WA 98121

General Ticket Information
Adults: 20.00 (Advance Purchase)
Adults: $25 (Door)
Children under 6: Free*
Children, 6 to 12: $10
*Applies to 2 children per adult. Each additional child under 6: $10


Salon Entry includes all chocolate & confection tastings, demos, etc.

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Discover, taste and savor the finest in artisan, gourmet and premium chocolates & confections Chocolate lovers, en garde! The premier chocolate event in the Northwest this millenium returns with the 3rd Annual Seattle Luxury CHOCOLATE SALON on Sunday, July 11th, 2010. Chocolate aficionados, fanatics, lovers and addicts can taste & experience the finest in artisan, gourmet & premium chocolate in one of the world’s great culinary metropolitan areas.Seattle CHOCOLATE SALON participants include chocolatiers, confectioners and other culinary artisans such as Amano Artisan Chocolate, Theo Chocolate, Forte Chocolates, Intrigue Chocolates, Posh Chocolat, Chocolopolis, Carters Chocolates, Divine Chocolate, La Chatelaine Chocolat Co., Jade Chocolates, Alter Eco Fair Trade Chocolate, Sweet Decadence, The Madison Chocolatiers West, Redrim Chocolates, Taza Chocolate, Dove Chocolate Discoveries, George Paul Chocolates, Kathryn Taylor Chocolates, Eat Chocolates, Goat Milk Candy Company, See’s Candies, Suess Chocolates, Missionary Chocolates, Quady Winery, Van Gogh Dutch Chocolate Vodka and Van Gogh Amsterdam Chocolate Liqueur, Honest Tea, Yelp, TasteTV and more. Salon highlights include chocolate tasting, demonstrations, chef & author talks and ongoing interviews by TasteTV’s Chocolate Television program. (Salon Entry includes all chocolate & confection tastings, demos, etc.). [Photos above by Jackie Donnelly Baisa]http://www.seattlechocolatesalon.com/


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