July 18-19
Seattle Bon Odori
Seattle Buddhist Church, 1427 S Main Street; July 18, 4 – 10 pm; July 19, 3 – 8 pm
Bon Odori celebrates Japanese Buddhism, culture and food. Come experience this summertime festival with colorful kimono, traditional folk dancing, classic Ikebana flower arrangements, ever-popular Taiko demonstrations and lots of other sights, sounds and tastes.”


2 thoughts on “(July 18-19) Seattle Bon Odori Bhuddism Festival (Seattle – FREE)

  1. JamFest in the ID, Thursday, July 1 from 5-8: Get ready for Bon Odori at Momo (600 South Jackson Street in Japantown). We’re featuring Kanzashi Queen Thea Starr with her kimono hair accessories, and lots of kimono components, plus the cutest Japanese Mama-sans to show you how to wear a kimono. See you there!

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