The Seattle Seafair Pirates

will land at Alki on Saturday, July 10th 2010

between 11:30 am and 12:30 pm!

This be yer warnin’ shot!

The cutthroat Seafair Pirates crew has made a deal with their new Captain Kidd – Mike “Sparrow” Knowlton and are comin’ to collect the bounty they left behind last year!

Avast, the Seattle Seafair Pirates will sail in from the seven seas and land on the beach at noon. Don’t be gettin in their way! The Car Toys AFTERSHOCK stage will be there ta welcome ye and they be bringin the local band “Shelley and the Curves” around 11 AM and will give ye a day full o wild piratical merriment. While yer singin’ those sea shanties, try yer hand at the new Dunk Tank. Ready, Aim, Fire!

The merchants will be puttin out their finest wares startin at around 9:30 AM and ye can shop, eat and dance along with the Pirates throughout the day!

If ye dare, you can try out the inflatable rides for the kids from Clown’s Unlimited. Ye can play all day for just $6 or two kids for $10.

Don’t be forgettin’ that the first 500 kids (starting @ 10:30 am) will get a free toy pirate kit ta take home. Have your little pirates come dressed fer the occasion and visit the Kiwanis tent to get a free sample of a great root beer brewed here locally from Ellersick Brewing Co.  Later in the day they can be part of a Pirate look-a-like contest to win some booty sponsored by the West Seattle Kiwanis.

You can visit our FM Radio Sponsors 102.5 KZOK FM 96.5 Jack FM to get some great gear, and AM 1090 will be thar handin out bumper stickers fer yer ship. Declare yer true colors and fly a pirate flag in the yard along with an AM 1090 yard sign.

Come get yer treasure while ya still can.!

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