“Candide May 25-June 13 $25 off”
What: Candide – Leonard Bernstein’s musical masterpiece
Where: The 5th Avenue Theatre

Use promotion code WORLD to receive $25 off all Sun-Fri evening

Having been taught by his beloved tutor, Dr. Pangloss, that
“everything is for the best in this best of all possible
worlds” our handsome, yet hapless, hero Candide sets off on an
epic journey to find his one true love — the beautiful
Cunegonde. Along the way he encounters wars, plagues,
shipwrecks, earthquakes, pirates, swindlers, the Old World, the
New World, the fabled lost city of Eldorado, and the Spanish
Inquisition! Inspired by Voltaire?s classic satire this
legendary musical features a sparkling score by the great
Leonard Bernstein that includes the famous “Candide Overture”,
the hilarious and bravura showstopper “Glitter And Be Gay”, and
the moving and inspiring anthem “Make Our Garden Grow”.


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