ASK THE BIG BOYS Featuring Jean Larson (Owner) Continental Wine Imports in Seattle



Last night’s MeetUp event “DRINK WINE WE LIKE” series was a success. We had a good core group of people and drank some spectacular wines. I posted the wines we drank on the home page of our group. Thank you to Lysun, Brett, Brian, Eeké, Ian and Amie (great salad). We need to do that again. Don’t forget on the 20th of March there is a” WINERY EVENT” series at Challenger Ridge Winery and it is FREE as usual. But I’m here to Announce a new event. Scheduled April 8th, 2010 at 7PM. This series of events will be called “ASK THE BIG BOYS”. The concept is to bring in to the event owners of wineries, importers, distributors, Wine makers, restauranteurs and wine shop owners. They will come present they’re products, talk to us about the stories, tell us how they got where they are currently and teach us a little thing or two about how the wine industry works from their perspective. This a chance for our WINO membership to get a great educational experience and for those of you who understand the industry already. This will allow you to taste wines that the general public hasn’t even been able to see yet. Jean Larson, Owner of CONTINENTAL WINE IMPORTERS will be bringing in Wines from France. Talking to us about her experiences, stories on the wines and answering any questions we may have. Scott, the Owner of Seattle Cellars up the street will also be joining us to connect his industry experiences as well. I have established an agreement with Scott to offer us prices on the CONTINENTAL WINE bottles we taste this night for very close to wholesale price. We also have a choice as to what Jean brings to sample us. Please feel free to suggest a FRENCH WINE REGION or AN INDIVIDUAL GRAPE that we want to see and taste. I expect 12 to 15 Winos for this event. We can fit 20, but I will be closing the RSVP’s at 17 and 12 hours before the event. GET IN ON THIS ONE. Antoine Wino #1 About this Meetup Group


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