Red Barn Cidery Tasting
On Wednesday 4/7/10
Full Throttle Bottles
Red Barn Cidery Tasting at Full Throttle Bottles!
Georgetown, WA – 4/6/10 – It’s time to welcome back Drew Zimmerman from the Red Barn Cider Company in Mt. Vernon! He’s going to be visiting us and bringing some special ciders just for us! If you have never had a chance to talk cider with Drew, now is the time. He is incredibly knowledgeable and has been instrumental in getting more than one of our wonderful new cider companies off on the right foot and in the right direction! So come down, taste his special ciders (I’m kind of hoping for a scrumpy!) and his regular ones as a reminder of why he is one of the founders of the cider revolution that is sweeping Washington!

Burro Loco (limited release): Made from bittersweet, crab, and wilding (seedling) apples. It is full-bodied, crisp and tart with a touch of crab-apple astringency on the finish. The acidity and alcohol are slightly higher so you may experience a slight kick from this crazy ass.

Tulip Cider (limited release): We hope he is going to bring the 2010 vintage of this amazing cider..we sold out of the 2009 so very quickly last year!!!

Fire Barrel (on the dryer side): Fermented from tannin bearing bittersweet and bittersharp apples, any harshness in this full-flavored cider is mellowed by a minimum of 12 weeks of barrel aging, which gives a rounded smoothness to this surprisingly complex drink. Full flavored with aromas of oak, fruit, and butterscotch and presents balanced acidity that feels heavy in the mouth. There is a hint of the whiskey left from the barrel followed by a long and lingering soft tannin finish.

Sweetie Pie (on the sweeter side):This wonderfully balanced Gravenstein hard cider has a lovely mouth watering twang to get those juices flowing. Through careful crafting, the distinctive character of this venerable cooking and eating mainstay really explodes on the palate.

Jonagold Semi-dry (on the lighter side): Jonagold Semi-Dry is fermented all winter, and after clearing, is bottled in the spring. Some juice from the harvest is frozen and added back at bottling time to give it a hint of sweetness and a bit of that fresh apple snap.

Perry (very limited – not sure he’ll have any to bring): Perry is the traditional name for fermented pear juice just as cider is fermented apple juice and wine is fermented grapes. This perry is a single orchard blend of Taylor’s Gold and Conference pears grown in the Skagit Valley orchard of Gary Moulton.

We will be tasting these tomorrow, Wednesday, April 7, from 5pm-7pm. Only $4 for all of them! Our usual “be green” offer applies: Bring your own tasting glass and save a dollar!!

Thanks, Erika & Crew

And here’s the requisite fine print for the tastings: Due to licensing laws in the state of Washington, we are limited to serving no more than 2oz per varietal/flavor and no more than a grand total of 8oz. You must be over the age of 21 to imbibe. (And I don’t mean dog years…)


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