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Deal Location
4332 Leary Way NW
Seattle, WA 98107
Treehouse Bar and Grill
$25 to Spend on Food and Drink
$ 10 buy now
Next time a cranky coworker tells you to go climb a tree, you’d be wise to heed the suggestion—head straight to Treehouse Bar and Grill! So make like a tree (owner) and rake up today’s deal: Pay $10 for $25 worth of cold beer and hearty fare at the popular Ballard spot. With super-friendly service, mouthwatering food, and a killer patio, Treehouse Bar & Grill merges your Swiss Family Robinson daydreams with your favorite sports bar. Its menu is packed with goodies like crab and artichoke dip, cobb salad, BBQ ribs, reubens, Hawaiian burgers, and more, all to be washed down with a lineup of crowd-pleasing draft beers.
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