Announcing a new Meetup for Urban on a Budget!!

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What: Sunset Bonfire at Golden Gardens PART II

When: Friday, April 2, 2010 6:45 PM

Golden Gardens Park
Seaview Pl NW
Seattle, WA 98117

Golden Gardens Bonfire at Sunset!
Friday, April 2nd at 6:45pm
Sunset at 7:41pm

Please sign up using the Meetup.com website! (Click Here)

Time again to stand in the sand, gaze at a fire, engage in friendly conversation and have a few good laughs!

Website: http://www.seattle.gov/parks/park_detail.asp?ID=243

This is a very casual and flexible event so please feel free to arrive and depart anytime during the night. Sunset will be at 7:41pm, so I plan to be on the beach at approximately 5:30pm to claim (hopefully) a fire pit so we can start the fire around 6:45 give it time to grow before the setting of the sun. If you’d like to joine me early, please do. It would be nice this time to have people to talk with while waiting for everyone else to show.

I will bring a quantity of kindling and appropriate firewood to start the fire and keep it going until approximately 10:30pm, which is when the fire should be allowed to die down so it is completely out by 11:30 (I may not stay the entire night but that’s no reason for you not to stay until the park closes if you so desire). If you would like to contribute suitable firewood to burn, please feel free however it must be natural clean, dry, bare cordwood; Not acceptable: driftwood, pallets, distressed furniture, refined lumber, “Presto logs” or similar product, or wood with nails or paint and if you do bring any portion of non-suitable wood you will be asked to remove it from the beach before you leave the event.

A few other things:
• Please dress warm and bring something to sit on, lie on or snuggle into so you’re not very miserable as the nights are still a touch cold and the pits are next to the water and that type of location usually drops the temperature by a few degrees if not more.

• Feel free to bring marshmallows, skewers, and other snacks to share. I will try to have a small table with appropriate lighting this time so we can find the nibbles after the sky does dark.

•Yes, you can BYOB as long as it is not alcoholic (park rules!)

HOW TO FIND US AND THE NOT SO HAPPY NEWS: The pits are first come so there is a chance that we do not get the large pit (or any pit) due to the popularity of the beach after 5:00pm weeknights (which is even worse on weekends), so at this point I am only able to say that I will be ‘on the beach’ at the north end near the pits which are past the Marina and before the bathrooms and volleyball nets. If there is still sky-light, look for a white patio chair with a sign on the back that says “Urban on a Budget” and after dark, you can find us by either looking for a large red candle-holding lantern burning bright or by calling my cell 206.618.4059, which will trigger someone waving around said lantern so you’re able to find your way.

If I am unable to secure a pit (any pit), I am willing to remain at the beach until 7:00pm to inform arrivals of this fact but if you arrive after 7:00pm you’ll need to call my cell if you can’t find us to make sure it has been cancelled.

If by some odd chance this event is cancelled due to rain or general crappy weather, I will send out a cancellation the evening before or the afternoon of by noon so please check your email or call my cell to confirm the event.

The Beach: http://www.seattle.gov/parks/park_detail.asp?ID=243
Directions: http://www.seattle.gov/parks/park_detail.asp?ID=243#directions
Metro: http://tripplanner.kingcounty.gov

If you have additional questions about this specific meetup, feel free to email me (Emma) or call my cell and I will respond as quickly as I am able.


Learn more here:


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