The Bachelor & Bachelorette Mixer & Dating Game Party

When: Friday, March 19, 2010 8:00 PM

Copper Cart Cafe
113 Bell St
Seattle , WA 98121

Inspired by the popular reality TV show “The Bachelor”, join us for a unique and fun event where guests compete to win a date with YOU!

We’ll start with a mixer where everyone mingles together, have food and drinks, get comfortable, and then we’ll hold contests between a group of people competing to win a date with a bachelor/ette via fun and interactive activities, discussion, and Q&A. What a cool and awesome way to meet someone new! It’s safe, it’s organized, it’s interactive, and most of all it’s FUN!

You simply choose to participate as one of the following:

1) A Bachelor – This means you would like to have a group of ladies competing for you
2) A Bachelorette – This means you would like to have a group of guys competing for you
3) A Suitor – This means you would like to compete for an available bachelor/ette
4) Peanut Gallery – This means you just want to come for the social mixer and to watch the dating games, but not be involved in any competitions.

The bachelors and bachelorettes will choose from available suitors who they want in their sets and optionally suitors can choose who they wish to compete for, but the final decision will rest with the bachelors and bachelorettes. Once the set(s) are determined, we’ll jump right into the action, where the bachelor/ette asks each suitor in his/her set a series of silly and interesting random questions and judge the responses (just like that old TV show “The Dating Game”). To make it fun, those in the peanut gallery will be encouraged to applaud and/or offer “oohs & awws”. After the questions and answers, suitors will be asked to compete in one or more contests such as dancing, singing, joke telling, magic tricks, poetry readings, fun topic discussions, and much more, to show off who has the best stuff.

Then, based on how the bachelor/ette feels about the answers to the questions and the performances during these activities, the event will end with someone being chosen to go out on a date with the bachelor/ette, which could possibly be the same night since the event is only for two hours and ends at 10:00p.

We will meet at the Copper Cart Cafe, located in the heart of Belltown Seattle. With it’s spacious seating, attentive waitresses, full bar, and affordable and tasty food of your choice, the Copper Cart Cafe is a great venue for this event.


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