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Wednesday, February 24, 2010
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$50 for a One-Hour Portraiture Session, Pictures on CD, and Five Re-touched Digital Images at Debora Spencer Photography

$50 See Today's Groupon Deal
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$625 92% $575
Company Information:
Debora Spencer Photography
619 Western Ave. 2nd Floor

Seattle, Washington 98104

$50 for a One-Hour Portraiture Session, Pictures on CD, and Five Re-touched Digital Images at Debora Spencer Photography
It took a large stock of salts for pre-refrigerator Americans to preserve their meats, and it took the invention of the camera to pickle their toothiest smiles. For $50, today’s Groupon professionally preserves one hour of grins with a portraiture session ($250 value) from Debora Spencer Photography. Choose any location within 10 miles of downtown Seattle to prove your photogenic chop. You’ll take home a CD with all of your shots as well as five lightly touched-up digital pictures ready for printing ($375 value).

Photography captures the elegance of youth, the charm of happiness, and the furrowed brow of contemplation by holding them in the two-dimensional world. Debora Spencer’s artistic eye has been cultivated by nine years in the fashion industry and experience photographing the famous countenances of President Carter, President Obama, Prince Andrew, the Nordstrom Family, Paul Rusesabagina, and many other reputable mugs. From children to adults and families, Debora’s photographs record the individual shades of a person’s personality and leave a lasting impression. Fetch a set of shots to audition for the Internet or capture the nuptial bliss between newlyweds. Bring up to three friends or family members along for a four-person group session to accent mantles and ascending staircases.

Portraiture is an inherent part of documenting the progression of a year, from the ever-changing thickness of foliage to the height of your hair. Professional photography lets you share your visual timeline with others without a double-elbow blurring the corner of every shot. Call ahead to make an appointment.

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Today’s Side Deal

$5 Ticket to Jet City Improv’s Twisted Flicks ($10 Value)

$5 Ticket to Jet City Improv's Twisted Flicks ($10 Value)

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