Your Daily Deal for February 4th
50% Off a Season Pass to Artattack Theatre Ensemble
Talk about drama! Today’s deal has our heart racing: 50% off a season pass punch card to Artattack, Capitol Hill’s “theater in the raw.” For $25, you’ll get a punch card good for 4 tickets that you can use any way you want. Attend each of the four shows, use your punch card for four tickets to one play or two tickets to two plays. Better yet, stop worrying about how to distribute your four tickets and just get your friends to buy their own (at which point you’ll get yours for free!). You’ll be one cultured crew, with money leftover to spend on Belgian beers at the Stumbling Monk. Need more convincing? Our favorite play of the decade is on stage now: Fat Pig, Neil Labute’s brilliantly written tale of a skinny guy falling in love with portly gal. Oink, oink.
icon_value_white.png $50


icon_discount_white.png 50%


icon_savings_white.png $25


Artattack Theater Ensemble
1715 E. Olive Way

Seattle, WA 98102

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$ 25


Get this deal for FREE! If you and 3 friends buy,
yours is free! deal_pie.png
HAVE A QUESTION? Email us deals or call us: 202-408-1745 x1117

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