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Thursday, January 14, 2010
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$30 for a Two-Hour Flying Trapeze Class at Emerald City Trapeze Arts (Up to $70 Value)

$30 See Today's Groupon Deal
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$70 57% $40
Company Information:
Emerald City Trapeze Arts
2702 6th Ave S
Seattle, WA 98134 Map it
$30 for a Two-Hour Flying Trapeze Class at Emerald City Trapeze Arts (Up to $70 Value)
With the exception of that one remarkably talented walrus, acrobats tend to be fairly trim. Today’s Groupon lets you in on their fitness secret with a two-hour trapeze class from Emerald City Trapeze Arts for $30 (an up to $70 value). With classes scheduled every day of the week and weekend, fly in on your own time and experience the blissful perspective of someone no longer glued to the surly bonds of earth.

Few things in this life outside of giant dads can provide adults with the sky-splitting thrill of being flung through the air, and the flying trapeze is one of those things. Whether you’ve been trapezing since birth or are brand-new to the ancient aerial craft, Emerald City’s instructors will welcome you with dependably sturdy arms. Your expertly guided and completely safe trapeze adventure begins with a succinct stretching session before you develop your balancing skills on a practice bar. From there, you’ll add the basics of proper take-offs, swinging, and body positioning to your acrobatic tool belt. Learn at your own pace and obtain new techniques with ample demonstrations by the circus-grade instructors. When you’re ready, you’ll be able to leap through the air and catch their hands in mid-air-proving to your doubting third-grade gym teacher that you can in fact trapeze with ease.

Soaring to and fro will give you an energizing physical workout to go with the airborne experiences you’ve daydreamed and nightdreamed about since childhood. Join the vaunted company of dancing bears and moustachioed iron-women and let your inner circus star take literal flight with today’s Groupon.

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Today’s Side Deal

$4 for One-Day Admission to the Seattle Bug Safari

Seattle Bug Safari

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