Friuli with Tenuta Luisa in the North!

Western Hemisphere

Fri, Jan 15th 4-8PM

The Luisa family first established Tenuta Luisa in 1927.  Their greatest contribution includes interpreting new market trends by cleverly weaving their older generation wisdom with the vigor of the younger ones.  Over recent years, the carefully tended vineyards have been progressively reconverted through innovative farming systems resulting in outstanding qualitative changes. The property borders the area of Corona and rests in the heart of Friuli’s most renowned vineyards.  The product line Tenuta Luisa is remarkable, thanks to both the character and freshness of its products, containing subtle yet typical flavors blended harmoniously.

We were fortunate to taste through these stunning wines with the winemaker, and have been able to secure some special deals on these amazing wines that you have to try!

Come and discover these wines for yourself!

2008 Pinot Grigio SAVE $4 $19.99/$16.99
2007 Sauvignon SAVE $2 $21.99/$18.69
2007 Fruilano SAVE $1 $20.99/$17.84
2006 Cabernet Franc SAVE $2 $19.99/$16.99
2005 Refosco SAVE $2 $19.99/$16.99

Directions to Our Store

  1. 520 East to Redmond Way Exit
  2. Take left onto Redmond Way
  3. Follow to 166th
  4. Turn left onto 166th
  5. Cross train tracks
  6. Make first right onto N.E. 76th Street

Redmond Town Center
16535 N.E. 76th Street
Suite D-105
Redmond ,WA 98052
(425) 869-0869
fax (425) 861-0107


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