2009 Turkey Pub Crawl and Canned Food Drive!

November 21, 2009 (Sat) – November 22, 2009 (Sun)

6:00 PM – 2:00 AM

Location: Begins at Victory Lounge

433 Eastlake Ave E
Seattle, WA 98109
ph. 205-250-7687

Yes, it’s time once again to raid your pantry and dig up those cans from the back that you KNOW you’ll NEVER use … those cans of food you thought you would buy in case the world ended in 2000.. time to donate them ALL!!!  Call it “Fall Cleaning,” and give your food selection a fresh start!

Then, go to your mother’s house and help her free up some of her pantry storage, too … you’ll be doing her a favor, really!

**Proceeds benefit Immanuel Community Services Food Bank, and this annual event provides them with more food than any other event throughout the year.

If you know our pub crawls, then you know the standard … 6 drinks, 6 bars, $25 – IF YOU PREPAY ($30 at the door).  If 6 sounds like a lot, you can always split drinks with a friend.  Remember, it’s about a drink an hour.

You can pay the prepay price ($25) at the door if you bring 3 cans of food.


6:00pm – Victory Lounge
7:15pm – Southlake Grill
8:00pm – Paddy Coynes
8:45pm – Laadla
9:30pm – Mystery Location!
10:30pm – 13 Coins

Remember, it’s a drink contest between the bars … you get a choice of their special drink or a beer, and you vote at the end.

The Turkey Crawl.  Because you probably aren’t doing anything ELSE the Saturday before Thanksgiving ANYWAY.  🙂

WEBSITE: Stomping Ground Productions

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