NOV. 12,2009


1414 Alaska Way
Seattle, Wa (206) 382-2171
Across from the Seattle Aquarium

Doors open at 5:00 – Show starts at 6:00

9 cans or $9.00 at the door
or more if you wish!!!!
9 or 9 at the 99 in 09 Cool!

Thirty-five of the Northwest’s most talented musicians will help fight the cause for hunger on
November 12th at Highway 99 Blues Club.

This year there is an overwhelming demand to help fill Northwest Harvest Food Bank. With the rise and demand for food and a drop in donations, there is a 10% increase for food from last year. Families are having to make choices between food,
fuel or utilities.
Washington state has ranked the eighth in the nation for the worst hunger problem. So this years 9th annual Jam for Cans show is more important than ever

The musicians of the Northwest are well known for their generous spirit, and they welcome the opportunity to use their music to benefit this event. By donating their time and talent to help fill the Northwest Harvest food bank.

One hundred percent of the proceeds and food donations collected during the show will benefit
Northwest Harvest, a nonprofit organization dedicated to preventing hunger in Washington State..The Highway 99 Blues Club is located at1414 Alaska Way across from the Seattle Aquarium tel: 206-382-2171 Doors open for the Jam for Cans at 5:00 pm,.show will start at 6:00 Admission is $9.00 or 9 cans of non-perishable food.. The Northwest Harvest truck will be parked out front of the Highway 99 Blues Club and drive by donations are also welcome. Please come by the Highway 99 on Nov.12th to share in an evening of music, raffles, fun and support the Jam for Cans effort to help eliminate hunger in our state.


Leanne Trevalyan
Chris Leighton
Mike Lynch
Peter Dammann
Tom Boyle
Mark Riley
Bill Freckleton
Becki Sue
Les Merrihew
David Brewer
Nick Vigarino
Tim Sherman
Scotty Lind
Billy Stoops
Patti Allen
Randy Oxford
Trever Cutler
Conrad Ormsby
DK Stewart
Billy Reed
Pattie Mey
Don King
Howard Hooper
Jeff Beals
Jeff Hayes
Les White

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